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(multifandom) Video: "Eat It"

hello, this is the first (but for sure not the last) time I`ve used clips from "The Glades" for a video. And I thought it doesn`t hurt (much) to post the vid over here. It`s a multifandom video, I`ve used three of my favorite tv shows.

Fandoms: Supernatural, The Glades, NCIS

Program used: Corel Videostudio Pro X3
Vidder: kj_svala ( aka kahesha for videos)

Title: "Eat It" by Weird Al Yankovic
File: 24+ MB WMV
Lenght: 3.10 min.
Categorie: humor, crack, ensemble, crossover
Character: a lot


ALL of "Supernatural" season 1-7
ALL of "The Glades" season 1-2
ALL of "NCIS" season 1-7

Vid Notes: none, not really. It`s all about one thing, and one thing only: eating ;D

More info, and the download/streaming link, can be found here: KaHeSha@livejournal

NCIS: Tony special agent

Icons & screencaps

Usually, I don`t do icons (not on a regular base anyway). But "The Glades" made me try my hands on some.

Preview The Glades

The entry can be found here: @OverTheHills

Screencaps: I`ve used my own screencaps for the icons, the link for season 1 & 2 screencaps can be found at the end of my icon entry

and/or here: SCREENCAPS SEASON 1 & 2

(I don`t want to spam this comm, this is why I`ve posted the screencap link and the icon post, all at once)

NCIS: Tony special agent

Animated banner

Hello, this is my first post to this comm *waves* I`ve done 3 animated banner for "The Glades", size is 500x581
(plus sidebar size 250x290 & 160x186)

I tend to do a lot of animations (on a regular base, most of those are sidebar size animations), this is my first ever graphic entry for "The Glades". I hope I`ll get more done, soon.



The entry can be found here: @OverTheHills

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Season o1 Screencaps

Hey, new member here. I got tired of hunting down screen captures for this show, so I just decided to make my own. The first few eps and the finale are up now. I'll have the rest of the season up within the next few days. I hope y'all can make use of them!


If the files are too large for you to download, I'll gladly split them into two for you.


I would like to make some icons for The Glades but I can't find screencaps. Anyone know where I can find some ... or... do I really need to make my own?